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This blog has evolved into a review of historical and modern explosive devices, and responses to them. Links are drawn between historical activity and similar activity in the world today. Mostly I focus on what are now called IEDs but I have a loose personal definition of that and wilingly stray into discussions of more traditional munitions, the science and technology behind them, tactical employment and EOD responses. Sometimes it's just about interesting people in one form or another. Comment is welcome and encouraged but I do monitor it and reserve the right to delete inappropriate stuff. Guest posts are always welcome. Avoid any stuff that makes the enemy's job easier for them.


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Weirder than weird - Fake bomb detectors now used by Hezbollah

Sometimes it's simply too difficult to comment.  Here's today's example of the "beyond any understanding" category.

A. Over the past few months there have been two trials in the UK of individuals offering fake bomb detectors. The details can be seen here (Gary Bolton) and here (James McCormick).  I can assure you that these bomb detectors are a scam. I know this absolutely, and I'm appalled that people have bought them and indeed still use them. They are not only a scam but a very obvious scam. I don't doubt that some ignorant people believe in them, but they are wrong, very wrong. There is no scientific reason to support their use. They are a toy sold in a criminal scam that puts lives at risk. Full stop. Period.

B. Today a car bomb was found in a suburb of Beirut known for the presence of Hezbollah. There's a picture in the news this evening here, showing Hezbollah security staff using a fake bomb detector. Really.

Sometimes the world is too weird for comment.





Hocus Pocus

A worrying article on IED fatalities in Thailand here.   Try using the power of google on GT200 explosives.     Draw your own conclusions.