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This blog has evolved into a review of historical and modern explosive devices, and responses to them. Links are drawn between historical activity and similar activity in the world today. Mostly I focus on what are now called IEDs but I have a loose personal definition of that and wilingly stray into discussions of more traditional munitions, the science and technology behind them, tactical employment and EOD responses. Sometimes it's just about interesting people in one form or another. Comment is welcome and encouraged but I do monitor it and reserve the right to delete inappropriate stuff. Guest posts are always welcome. Avoid any stuff that makes the enemy's job easier for them.


Terrorism affects first responders all over the globe - policemen, firemen, paramedics and the military. By the nature of these events, they grab the news but perhaps we need a little more thought and analysis for those first responders and other CT operatives.  In particular there are lessons to be learned from history. Aren't there always? This blog aims to provide analysis of current and historical IEDs and EOD efforts, draw links and parallels and highlight that IEDs are not new.  Let's concentrate on technical and tactical matters - go elsewhere if you want a political discussion.

About Roger

Roger has been involved in various aspects of terrorism response since 1985, as a soldier, bomb squad commander, intelligence analyst and businessman. He's a big proponent of open source intelligence. He's worked with first responders for decades, especially bomb squads around the world, and has advised national and international agencies on countering IEDs. He's fifty something (for the time being) and likes the company of people more clever and attractive than he is.